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Four strings attached

Interview by Annabelle Sikes

"Baldwin Park resident Jocelyn Hsu has played violin since she was 9 years old. Although she’s faced obstacles in her music career, her passion to perform is just as strong."
January 4, 2023

CFMA 389

Local 389 Gigging Musicians Find Success in 2021

AFM News and Articles

January 6, 2022

Blast Your Stereo

Exclusive: Benjamin Neil Shares Three Tracks From New Album, "Live Forever"

Preview by Brandon Flores

"One thing is certain, these three tracks provide a perfect tease for listeners, and I can’t wait to explore the rest of Live Forever when it’s released on December 17. These phenomenal new songs aside, Live Forever will feature a total of eight new tracks, one of which will feature the talented Jocelyn Hsu on violin. Neil himself also shares that the concept and message behind his upcoming album are “leaning into what fills you up,” so fans and new listeners can expect a full-blown uplifting experience. Which in our at times depressing world should come off as a breath of fresh air for many."
November 12, 2021

NPR - 90.7 WMFE

NPR's Tiny Desk Contest

Orlando Favorites Special

"Here's WMFE's special celebrating the top 5 Tiny Desk Contest acts in Orlando as voted by you: E-Turn, Scorpio Szn, Adam Fusco, Matt Shenk Music and John J Jacobs. Thanks to our hosts, Talia Blake and Nicole Darden Creston, our producer Ryan Ellison and the bands."

June 29, 2020


The Voice of Yes: Jon Anderson LIVE! at Ocean City Music Pier

Concert Review by Spotlight Central

"The audience rises as Jon Anderson makes his way to the foot of the stage to open with Yes’ 1984 #1 hit, 'Owner of a Lonely Heart.' His alto/tenor voice sounding as full and clear as ever, Anderson deftly works the stage as the audience joins in on the catchy “Owner of a lonely heart” refrain. The ultra-tight band accompanies Anderson as Billy Meether’s soprano and bari sax playing and Jocelyn Hsu’s violin talents add their own special timbres to the mix."
August 12, 2019


In Concert: Jon Anderson’s State of Independence

Concert Review by Rick Krueger

It also says something about the complexity and challenge of  Yes’ music that the keyboard parts were covered by two workhorse players, Joe Cosas and Zach Tenerio-Miller (the latter subbing for 1000 Hands producer Michael Franklin) plus violinist Jocelyn Hsu and flutist/saxophonist Billy Meether.  Not to mention Meether’s baritone sax and Cosas’ trombone occasionally doubling Chris Squire’s bass lines, played with aplomb by an always-grinning Tim Franklin.  With all that going on, guitarist Tommy Calton’s task was simple in comparison: hit all the key Peter Banks/Howe/Trevor Rabin riffs and carve out solid solos where needed (occasionally supported by acoustic strumming from Anderson, Cosas on guitar, mandolin and harp, and Hsu on ukelele)."
August 10, 2019


Jon Anderson 1000 Hands Concert Review St. George Theatre

Concert Review by Russ Cohen

"Staten Island is a Yes hotbed and when Anderson opened up with 'Owner of a Lonely Heart' the crowd erupted. The violin played by Jocelyn Hsu added an extra dimension to the hit song. That would be a theme for the evening."
July 29, 2019

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